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student of the alchemist.

moderator of conversations.

lover of journalism.

servant leader in social justice and civic engagement.

supporter of public media, music that heals and film that changes minds.


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The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.


From the Universe…

Do you ever wonder where all those glorious seconds, minutes, and hours go that recently poured through your fingers on an idle weekend or a cool evening, when suddenly you feel like you’re racing the clock on some crazed, hurried weekday? 

Nowhere. They’re still there, Audrey, lazing around. They just look different when you focus upon what you haven’t done, instead of what you have done. 

Your output is legendary, 
    The Universe

You’re way ahead of schedule, Audrey.

"The University of Wisconsin at Madison beat out the University of Chicago and Harvard to be the top national university by internet brand equity, according to the Global Language Monitor’s 2011 TrendTopper MediaBuzz internet rankings."

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